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Referring vets

The following is the Professional Promise that we have made to you and to all veterinary hospitals in our area. 

  • Positive, professional and attentive emergency staff of doctors, nurses and receptionists will be available 24 hrs a day. They will function as a seamless extension of the referring hospital to provide continuity of care.
  • A referral coordinator will be assigned to facilitate communication between the referring hospital and RegionalVet.
  • All medical records will be electronic and integrated into a problem-based medical record system.
  • Standard of care and communication will be consistent among doctors, nurses and receptionists at RegionalVet.
  • We will maintain state-of-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical services to offer a university standard of emergency care for our region.
  • We will offer all patients 24 hr emergency care and diagnostics, while maintaining the primary veterinarian’s involvement in their treatment and medical outcome. 
  • Emergency referral clients will only be offered emergency and referral diagnostic services provided by RegionalVet.
  •  All emergency referral clients will be referred back to the patient’s primary veterinarian for continued medical care.