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High Quality Medication at Wholesale Prices!
Not all medications and pharmacies are created equal. You need to know and trust the quality of the medication your pet takes. RegionalVet Online Pharmacy now offers you home delivery of the same high quality medications that are dispensed from our hospital pharmacy at wholesale prices.

Home Delivery:

  • Chronic Medications

  • Nutritional Supplements

  • Flea & Tick Preventatives

  • Parasite Preventives

  • Prescription Diets

Why choose the RegionalVet Online Pharmacy?

  • Trusted high-quality medication, backed by the manufacturer's warranty. There is no substitute for peace of mind.
  • All medications are priced competitively by comparison with online pharmacies and wholesale distributors.
  • Enjoy FREE standard shipping on orders over $39.
  • You're in control of your pet's medication; check your order status online, create a favorites list, add Re-Order from past order history.

For more information on food orders, 
​call 856.728.1400.

Pet Food Delivery

When you order your pet's food online, it not only helps us keep costs down, but it is extremely easy for you! Simply place the order online, and the food is delivered right to your door. No more carrying those heavy bags from the car! 

Specialty Medications
​Stokes Pharmacy is RegionalVet's specialty compounding pharmacy. Stokes provides home delivery of the specialty medications your pet needs. While compounds (special mixes and assorted flavors) are not available through RegionalVet's online pharmacy, you can refill your pet's prescription by clicking on Stokes Pharmacy Refills.

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"Since Jazz has frequent skin and stomach flare ups, having immediate access to the Online Pharmacy has been quite helpful in getting his ailments under control and making him comfortable."

​~ Amanda M

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