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As the human animal bond strengthens, pets are increasingly considered family members by our clients, the role of the Veterinary Health Care Team must evolve to provide exemplary care, education and service for our patients and their families. Since our patients cannot speak for themselves, we must speak for them.

Regional Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center, and our Health Care Team will set the standard for patient care, client education and client service. This can only be accomplished by educating our clients as to what the best care is for their best friends.

​​​​To achieve these goals we must first set the standards by which we will function as a Health Care Team.

The following six core values must be present in every individual that hopes to be a successful member of the RegionalVet Health Care Team.

1) The Regional Way (Predictable, Orderly & Measurable)
2) The answer is "Yes I Can"
3) Embrace change
4) Be forthright and Clear
5) Compassion is a verb
6) We are all connected and accountable​