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Radiology at RegionalVet

Radiology, also called diagnostic imaging, is the use of noninvasive techniques which assist in diagnosing your pet’s condition.  We use on-site digital radiology and ultrasound technology to quickly and reliably assess your pet’s situation. These technologies enable us to get a diagnosis and get right to the treatment stage of your pet’s visit.

X-Ray Imaging

The days of hand-developing radiographic films, which most people know as “x-rays,” are long gone. Our digital x-radiographs produce faster and more clear images of your pet than anyone could achieve in the days of hand-developed film. We also have the benefit of digital manipulation, using computers to further sharpen the images as well as to zoom in, alter the brightness and crop the image to focus the area in question.

Ultrasound Imaging

Our ultrasound services, in most cases, do not require anesthesia and provide real-time images of the abdomen and other parts of the body to help diagnose illnesses. An ultrasound exam requires your pet’s hair to be shaved from around the area in question. It’s the same technology used to take the first images of human children in utero, so if you’ve ever seen one of those photos of someone’s growing baby you can imagine how the ultrasounds look.

CT Scanner

Computed Tomography (CT Scanners) allow our veterinarians to take detailed, cross-sectional pictures of your pet’s body. The fine detail allows for improved diagnostic accuracy for treatment plan development.

Fluoroscopy – Interventional Radiology

This technology acquires real-time video imaging to diagnose diseases of moving body structures and provides Regional Vet veterinarians and staff the ability to correct disorders of the blood vessels, respiratory and urinary systems. It is also a less-invasive alternative to surgery.

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