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Specialty Services

Specialty Care at RegionalVet

Just as your own physician may refer you to a specialist, your primary veterinarian may refer your pet to Regional Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center.

Our team at RegionalVet are doctors who have gone beyond medical school to focus on a particular area of veterinary medicine. Additional years of training through internships and residencies prepare these experts for the most complex illnesses and injuries.

We are proud to offer this level of expertise, should your pet require specialty care. To schedule an appointment with one of our specialist, call 856-728-1400.


Skin, Ears, Hair, and Nails

Our skin experts aim to restore comfort and well-being using the latest techniques and highest standard of care.

Together with your primary veterinarian the dermatology team at RegionalVet will effectively implement a treatment protocol tailored for your pet. Skin conditions often require long-term monitoring to keep flare-ups at bay.



Ultrasound and Digital X-Rays

We can view crystal clear images on our flat-panel monitors anywhere in the hospital.

Diagnostic Imaging at RegionalVet is a vital resource for both pet parents and veterinarians throughout South Jersey. We can perform radiological services on-site, a powerful tool for diagnosing your pet’s medical situation with accuracy and efficiency.


Dental Care

Cleaning and Surgery

Regional does routine dental cleanings as well as oral surgeries.

We do routine cleanings, cleanings involving moderate periodontal disease, oral surgery and more.  We also do our own dental radiography, gingival hyperplasia removal and a limited number of more advanced surgical procedures.



Surgical Suites Comparable to Human ORs

All of our surgeons possess extensive surgical knowledge, superb clinical judgment, and advanced technical skills

Our surgical team possesses extensive knowledge, superb clinical judgment, and technical skills acquired over many years of education and experience.



Diseases Affecting the Heart and Lungs

Congenital, valvular, pericardial, and myocardial (muscular) cardiac diseases are common among our pets and often go undetected until the disease is in advanced stages.

For more complex cardiovascular disease, advanced color flow Doppler, vascular contrast studies, nuclear cardiovascular medicine, and Holter Monitoring may be needed. RegionalVet performs each of those.


Internal Medicine

Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseased Organs

Veterinary Internists are sought for the most baffling cases, providing specialized non-surgical treatments.

Internal Medicine is a specialization which deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseased internal organs. Internists are equipped to solve diagnostic puzzles and treat severe and complex illnesses.

Internal Medicine

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