Preventing Itching & Scratching This Allergy Season

By | 2018-07-06T16:28:48+00:00 July 6th, 2018|

Summer brings with it a lot of fun but can also bring with it an increased chance of your pet suffering from an allergic to even anaphylactic reaction. These reactions often occur secondary to insect bites (bees, spiders, etc) even pollens. An allergic reaction is defined as the immune system over-reacting to an allergen. Where an [...]

Pet Food Galore: How to Pick the Best Diet for Your Pet

By | 2018-01-31T17:13:20+00:00 January 31st, 2018|

When you get a new pet, it can be easy to find the right collar to accent their personality or to find the right sized crate or the perfect cat tree.  One piece that can be daunting for every owner is when they walk toward the pet food aisle of any store.  In the last ten [...]

Hyperthyroidism in Cats: Common But Treatable

By | 2017-03-17T18:41:31+00:00 December 14th, 2016|

Hyperthyroidism is a common endocrine disease that occurs in middle aged to older cats.  It is the result of the thyroid gland producing too much thyroid hormone all the time, regardless of whether the body needs it or not.  The thyroid hormone does many jobs in the body- it makes metabolism speed up, makes the heart faster, [...]

Diabetes: Even in Dogs and Cats

By | 2017-03-17T18:41:31+00:00 November 23rd, 2016|

Dogs and cats can get diabetes, too. Here's what you need to know about it so you can take care of them. Diabetes mellitus occurs when the pancreas stops making insulin.  Insulin is a hormone needed for the muscles and organs of the body to use glucose, the sugar from digesting/processing food.  Without insulin, [...]

Rodenticides: The Dangers of Rat and Mouse Bait

By | 2017-03-17T18:41:31+00:00 November 7th, 2016|

Rodenticides (rat and mouse bait) are as dangerous to your pets as they are to rodents. Rodenticides are very dangerous and not something to be ignored. Pesticides come in all shapes and sizes. Rodenticides, pesticides aimed at rats and mice, are among the most common poisons found in homes. If your beloved pets get into [...]

Feline Vaccines and Why They’re Important

By | 2017-03-17T18:41:31+00:00 September 15th, 2016|

Feline vaccines are an important part of keeping your cat healthy and happy. There’s no doubt about it: feline vaccines are incredibly important. Cats are not small dogs. Believe it or not, veterinarians hear this phrase over and over throughout veterinary school, and it is completely accurate. Cats have many unique medical, behavioral, and [...]

Internal Medicine 101

By | 2017-03-17T18:41:31+00:00 June 8th, 2016|

The Internal Medicine Department at Regional Vet provides exams, tests, and therapies for helping sick dogs and cats. We see patients with a variety of medical problems. Those include new illnesses, second opinions and referrals for advanced or complicated issues. Our internal medicine service collects and matches many pieces of information from the patient’s history. These [...]

Rabies: New Vaccine Decreases Cancer Risk

By | 2017-03-17T18:41:31+00:00 May 12th, 2016|

Rabies vaccines are a part of every cat's life. It's a terrible disease that can lead to dangerous injuries for owners and eventually to the death of the infected pet. But rabies is preventable. Keeping your cat's vaccinations up to date is an important part of every cat's care plan. A new vaccine has been created that [...]

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