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Our testimonials come from the families of current and former patients. We take great pride in providing care and services at such a level that people are willing to tell the world!


“Looking at Rollo today, doing Super Man jumps off the couch,  you would never know that he once suffered from such a severe injury.” – Lynn F.

Testimonials: Jazz the DogJazz

“Since Jazz has frequent skin and stomach flare ups, having immediate access to the Online Pharmacy has been quite helpful in getting his ailments under control and making him comfortable.” – Amanda M.

Testimonials: Rocky the CatRocky

“Rocky’s condition caused a slow decline in his health over a period of time. I had no idea how much it was affecting his quality of life. Once we started seeing Dr. Spiegel, Rocky’s infection cleared right up and he finally stopped scratching. Now he’s like a new cat!” – Valerie P.

Testimonials: Stan the Dog


“Before I knew it, Stan had eaten an entire bag of grapes! I called Poison Control and they told me to bring him in immediately!” – Mrs. Peterson