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RegionalVet misses you, Tully cat

RegionalCARES: We miss you, Tully cat

RegionalCARES is more than just a philosophy for us here at RegionalVet. We recently said goodbye to Tully cat, our 11 year old hospital cat. Tully lived with us for almost 3 1/2 years. He ruled the roost with his special corner suite and everyone on our team will miss him dearly. He had been diagnosed as diabetic but his owner was unable to give him insulin and do ongoing management and care of the disease and was contemplating euthanasia.

Our staff quickly realized that Tully had a lot of life and love left in him and felt sure we could not only manage his diabetes but find him a new home. Unfortunately, Tully was not a fan of any home with other pets so he remained here with us where he received the best care, had his own suite and was loved by everyone! Tully was one of many RegionalCARES pets that were taken in and cared for by our staff and Doctors.

Over the past year RegionalVet has contributed over $50,000 in medicine, professional and surgical care to more than 20 homeless and abandoned sick animals that found their way not only to our hospital but into our hearts as well. We are proud of our team and are pleased when the pet is healed and leaves us to start their life in their new forever home. Some of our best moments are welcoming back that once abandoned cat, dog, puppy or kitten…for their wellness visit. The smiles are contagious and we are convinced they remember us.