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We Are Dedicated To Our Pets & Families.

RegionalVet is one of the most complete and trusted Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care providers in South Jersey.


Internal Medicine  |  Critical & Emergency Care  |  Cardiology  |  Surgical Care  |  Primary Care  |  Radiology  |  Dentistry & Oral Surgery

Located on the Black Horse Pike, in the heart of South Jersey, Regional Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center (RegionalVet) offers a full range of healthcare services for your most cherished companions. RegionalVet is a special combination of the well-established compassionate care that our community of pet parents depends on and the trusted resource for high quality emergency and specialty care that the area’s top veterinarians rely upon for their own patients.

RegionalVet is home to the area’s top veterinary professionals including specialists in Internal Medicine, Radiology, Dentistry, Surgery, and Cardiology. Our Emergency and Critical Care team, led by one of only a few Criticalists in the country, provides the latest leading-edge treatments and technologies for your pet.

We love our pet families as much as they love us!

Veterinary Internal Medicine is a specialization which deals with the diagnosis and (nonsurgical) treatment of diseased internal organs that affect your pet’s body as a whole. Learn More >

There are very few veterinary criticalists in the world, and RegionalVet has one leading our Emergency and Critical Care services. Learn More >

The Cardiology Team at RegionalVet is trained to perform advanced non-invasive and minimally invasive diagnostics to evaluate your pet for underlying cardiovascular disease. Learn More >

Whether your pet requires a minimally invasive procedure or the most complicated life-saving intervention, the surgical team at RegionalVet can accommodate the needs of your companion. Learn More >

Our Primary Care provides wellness, health promotion, disease prevention, health maintenance, patient education, diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. Learn More >

Our attending doctors review every x-ray taken at RegionalVet, provide you right away with a preliminary reading and then submit the x-rays to a Board Certified Radiologist. Learn More >

RegionalVet Dentistry has a solution that is easy on your pet and your budget. Our outpatient Dental Hygiene Service is an innovative option in preventative oral healthcare.  Learn More >

Emergency, Specialty, & Critical Care

With specific patient care areas for Triage, Respiratory Therapy, Critical Care, Medical/Surgical Urgent Care, Radiology and Disease Control, the ER at RegionalVet is one of the state’s finest.

“Since Jazz has frequent skin and stomach flare ups, having immediate access to the Online Pharmacy has been quite helpful in getting his ailments under control and making him comfortable.”

Amanda M

“Rocky’s condition caused a slow decline in his health over a period of time. I had no idea how much it was affecting his quality of life. Once we started seeing Dr. Spiegel, Rocky’s infection cleared right up and he finally stopped scratching. Now he’s like a new cat!”

Valerie P

“Before I knew it, Stan had eaten an entire bag of grapes! I called Poison Control and they told me to bring him in immediately!”

Mrs. Peterson